About me,

I want to dedicate this website to my wife Shelly.  I am crazy in love with that woman.  She is the inspiration I needed to  start this site.  She currently has two active and very popular sites so I am fortunate that I have an expert living here that can answer my questions and help me avoid learning everything the hard way.


Other than my wife and kids, my life revolves around food.  It has some kind of primal grip on me.  I am lucky enough to get to travel from my home in New Jersey (the Garden State in case you didn’t know) and all those trips involve food.  I also get to go on some pretty decent vacations, where I always make it a goal to eat only the things I cannot get at home.
I grew up in NYC so I was exposed to many different cultures and foods at a young age, most notably, pizza.  I used to think NYC pizza was the best in the world. Until I traveled to the motherland, Italy. True Napolitano pizza is just incredible! I was so inspired by the pizza I ate in Italy that i built a wood fired pizza oven in my yard.  Now that I have a real pizza oven, I can cook it in my yard.
Over the last 20 years I have taken many work-related trips to Texas, where I was introduced to BBQ, oh yeah, and my wife.  Since then I have sampled the BBQ of many states, all very good, but what I cook in my yard works best for me because I like to tinker with a recipe to suit my taste.
I started out by looking for good BBQ in New Jersey, but 20 years ago that was impossible to find. So I bought a smoker. Then when I outgrew it, I had to build a smoker.  I have built a few, and used them all pretty heavily.  I like smoking because it is almost impossible to ruin the meat unless you burn it or let it dry out.
I also do quite a bit of cooking on charcoal.  And I even use a propane grill (it’s my wife’s).  While propane is not my favorite, it is fast. And sometimes that is important.


Other than food, I am an avid reader and reviewer on Amazon, here is my Amazon Profile where I found out reviewing books can become an obsession. But I justify it by thinking I am being helpful to shoppers, and being helpful is what matters, right?


chris and shelly