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Rubs and Spices


BBQ Brisket

By On January 10, 2014

BBQ Brisket, on the Big Green Egg. I love good brisket.  I also love uninterrupted sleep.   In the past cooking a big packer brisket, usually 12 pounds and up, meant an… Read More



By On April 29, 2013

I like cooking brisket.  Smaller briskets, not those 15 pound packer briskets.  You gotta wake up in the middle of the night to cook those things.  I need my sleep.  That’s why… Read More

Rubs and Spices

Smoked Garlic Powder

By On June 11, 2012

The smoker is a wonderful tool, it makes meat taste so much better.  But why stop at just meat?  Why not smoke other things, like garlic.  I have come across some tiny… Read More